How To Prepare Your Skin For A Makeup Session

We are all faced with situations where we need to use cosmetics on our skin. Most women use make up daily and this can have a negative impact on their skin. In order to prevent damaging your skin and to ensure that your make up stays on your face during the entire day you need to try the following steps.

Before you use any cosmetics on your face you must wash your face with water and a gentle cleanser. This will help you to get rid of the excess dirt and oils that are on the surface of the skin. Always wash your face with cold water or water that is at room temperature as warm water will increase the supply of oil on your face and may also cause red pigments to appear on your skin.

After you wash your face you must pat it dry and then a non alcohol based toner on your skin. This will help to control the secretion of oil on the skin. Soak a ball of cotton in cold water and then pour a few drops of the toner or astringent on it; rub the cotton on your face and neck. After applying the toner use a moisturizing lotion or cream on your face. This will help you to close the open pores and helps to control the supply of oil on your face. It will also keep your skin well hydrated.

After you have completed all these steps your skin is ready and you may go ahead and apply your make up. Remember not to clog your pores by using too many products on your skin and keep your makeup simple.

At the end of the day; use cleansing milk to get rid of all traces of make up from your face. If you do not have any cleansing products then dip a ball of cotton in milk and then apply it on your face and neck. It will help to get rid of the make up and will also unclog your pores. Splash cold water on your face and pat it dry. Once your skin is clean you can jump into bed and let your skin rejuvenate while you sleep.