3 Ways To Prevent Abdominal Pain

3 Ways To Prevent Abdominal Pain

Most of us are familiar with a stomach ache that results from anxiety or from eating too fast or too much. Natural remedies and lifestyle changes can ease discomfort in many such cases. More severe or persistent abdominal pain, however, requires medical attention, since it can be an indicator of a serious underlying condition.

Abdominal pain is often related to a problem in the digestive system. There may be infection (as with gastroenteritis or peptic ulcer), inflammation (As with ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease or appendicitis) or an obstruction (as with constipation or a stuck gallstone). An imbalance in the intestinal flora – the bacteria and other organisms normally present in the intestines – may cause irritation and frequently occurs after treatment with antibiotics or steroids.

Pain can also result if the nerves that supply the intestines are oversensitive to anxiety, or if wind leads to distension (as with irritable bowel syndrome). Food allergies and other sensitivities can involve irritation of the digestive tract.

Tips To Prevent Abdominal Pain

Avoid Oily Food For Abdominal Pain

Once your doctor has ruled out any serious underlying cause of your pain, you may be able to avoid a recurrence by making changes in your diet and lifestyle. Eat a whole food, high fiber diet. Avoid rich, fatty and spicy foods. Have regular meals and take the time to eat in a relaxed way.

If you are in the habit of eating too quickly, slow down, chew thoroughly and avoid gulping air as you swallow. Also limit the amount that you drink while eating. Try to indent any food sensitivity, getting professional help, if necessary. Some people experience abdominal pain after eating certain foods or additives. , the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a common cause of this particular problem.

Drinking Water For Abdominal Pain

Drink enough water based fluids to relieve thirst, prevent constipation and produce pale-colored urine. The fluids will help improve your digestive efficiency.

Be aware that too much alcohol, tea, coffee and smoking can interfere with the digestion and can make many types of abdominal pain worse. Reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Use stress management strategies and get enough sleep and exercise. Make mealtimes as leisurely as possible.

Avoid Alcohol For Abdominal Pain

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