How To Prevent An Ear Ache At Home

An ear ache is acute pain in the inner ear. The pain may range from mild to throbbing and there are several factors that lead to the cause of the pain. In order to cure the pain you must first diagnose the cause of the pain. The common symptoms that you will experience are fever, dizziness, ache, temporary loss of hearing and irritability. You may also experience puss oozing from the ear. Swelling and itching are a part of the ache.

Some of the common factors that lead to the ear ache include build up of ear wax, water logged in the ear canal, tooth infections, arthritis, sinus or soap or shampoo in the ears.

In order to cure it you will need to visit an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who will use various methods to diagnose the factors that cause the infection and the ache.

Help for the ache

In most cases it is best not to insert any objects into your ears to clean them or to get rid of the puss formation. These objects can prove to be fatal. You may apply a hot compress to your ears and then pour a few drops of warm olive oil into your ears. This helps to cure the ache and get rid of any infection. However, if there is a puss formation then you must refrain from using oil in your ears.

There are a few preventive measures as well. Some of them include wiping your ears after a bath to get rid of any water or soapy discharge that may have gotten logged into the ear canal.

Avoid using any sharp or metal objects in your ears to clean them. Metal must never be placed in your ears as there may be rust on it and this is a leading cause of the infection.

Avoid contact with those who have an infection like a common cold or cough. If you tend to get an ear ache when you are travelling or due to increase in altitude then you must chew gum to reduce the strain of pressure on your eardrums.