How to Prevent an Enlarged Prostate with Diet

An enlarged prostrate is one of the most common problems faced by older men. As men grow older and by the age of forty the prostrate begins to get enlarged and by the age of sixty most men have to deal with this matter. Currently all studies conducted have not been able to come up with a solution that would completely prevent an enlarged prostrate however there are a few lifestyle changes that one can make since that is a factor that we have the most control over to help maintain a healthy prostrate and avoid it from getting enlarged.

Like I have advised readers earlier as well it is important to avoid getting any urinary tract infections. If however you do manage to contract an infection it is important that you get it treated as quickly as possible to avoid the spread of bacteria and causing further complications. In case there is an urge to pass urine don’t hold it in for too long as this would increase the changes of bacterial infections. Stays hydrated and consume a lot of water in order to make sure that you pass urine more frequently.

Consume anywhere between 8-10 glasses of water a day and incase this does not create the urge to urinate then increase your intake of water. Urinating helps the body flush out the toxins and bacteria from the urinary tract and bladder. Drink a lot or cranberry juice as this makes the urine more acidic thus making the urinary tract an unwelcome host for bacteria. About four glasses a day apart from the 8 -10 glasses of water should help you build your immunity.

Have a lot of fish and plenty of fruits. Avoid sweets and fats making sure you avoid foods high in fats and sugar.