How to Prevent and Control your Skin from Chafing


Chafing is caused when two parts of your body rub against each other or against fabric to form a rash. The most commonly affected areas are the underarms, groin, and thighs. This happens due to excess fat accumulation in the area or due to synthetic fibers. The rashes are painful and can cause the skin to peel in severe conditions. If the rashes get sore then you must see a skin care specialist in order to prevent damage to the skin.

Tips to prevent chafing

Balance Diet

If you are over weight, then controlling your weight in order to have a toned body is a good option. This will reduce the possibility of the skin rubbing against other parts of your body or against your clothes.

Avoid wearing synthetic fibers and opt for cotton fabrics and cotton clothes. They cause lesser damage to your skin and they ensure that the skin breathes well.

Synthuc Fiber

Keep your body temperature low. If you sweat then you increase the possibility of chafing. Wear loose clothes to prevent perspiring. When you work out, do so in the evening to avoid drastic increase in your body’s temperature. Sweat can be a cause of skin rashes and hence you must have a bath after a work out. Also wash your clothes regularly in order to avoid rashes.

Tips that help to cure chafing

Talcum Powder

Use talcum powder on the areas that get affected to prevent rashes.

Women who suffer from chafing in the inner thighs can wear panty hose stocking or trousers to prevent the skin from the thighs coming in contact with each other.

Almond Powder

Massage your body well with almond oil to keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin is more prone to chafing and hence increasing the amount of oil in your skin helps to reduce your chances of rashes.

Rose Water

Rinse the affected area with warm water and then apply rose water with a cotton ball on the area to heal the skin.