How To Prevent And Cure A FrostBite

Frostbite generally affects the skin of a person in areas where there is severe exposure to damp temperatures or dry cold. So one could prevent  frostbite if one covers oneself well when one goes to places of very cold temperature. Frostbite affects children more than adults, as children tend to lose body heat faster than adults do. In addition children tend to spend more time outdoors than adults do.

So it is very necessary to watch out for signs of  frostbite when one goes out into very cold temperatures and take steps to prevent it or cure it if one has already been affected by frostbite. Frostbite in low temperatures first causes the skin tissue to freeze. When there is a low temperature the blood vessels near your skin constrict as a defense mechanism to keep the body warm. This could cause constricting of the blood vessels and damage to the skin tissues.

The first signs that one will notice in case of a frostbite which needs to be cured is that there would be a skin discoloration which turns waxy and skin would feel numb and hard. It could also cause a burning and tingling sensation. In extreme cases it could also lead to gangrene and the skin turning black in color.

Some of the conditions that could cause frostbite are wet clothes, wind chill, and blood circulation. So it is in ones interest to avoid frostbite by decreasing ones exposure to very cold climates. Besides it is a preventive measure to avoid anemia, drug or alcohol, exhaustion and hunger and conditions of extreme impaired circulation. Besides it is extremes of the body should be adequately covered.

The cure to frostbite lies in wrapping the frostbitten area. Never rub or massage the affected area as it could cause further damage.  Some people believe that slapping the skin would help to start blood flow,  however to the contrary this could only cause further damage. It is best to place the affected area in warm water till medical aid is sought. The cure of frostbite  lies in decreasing the temperature of the affected part. But this could help only when the affected area can remain thawed. Otherwise it could cause more harm.

To conclude one could easily prevent and cure frostbite  by taking help of all these tips.