How To Prevent And Cure Diabetes Naturally


How To Prevent And Cure Diabetes Naturally Diabetes mellitus is a type of metabolic disorder which will prevent our body from using the glucose partially or fully. Diabetes mellitus involves improper or inadequate production of insulin, a hormone which helps to produce energy that our body requires, by breaking sugar, starches, and other food items. Insulin is a hormone produced by our pancreas that helps to regulate the level of glucose in the body.

Usually two types of diabetes are seen among people. One is insulin dependent diabetes and other is non insulin dependent diabetes usually known as type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes respectively. Diabetes can be mostly noticed among old people and among those who are obese.

Causes for diabetes

Certain viral infections of the beta cells of pancreas which can even destroy the cells is the major cause for the diabetes mellitus. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol can also lead to diabetes.

Other main causes for the diabetes mellitus are improper diet, unhealthy living, lack of exercise and activities, obesity and heredity. Stress and anxiety can also cause diabetes. Excess consumption of food items rich in carbohydrates can lead to increased glucose in the body causing diabetes in us.

Symptoms of diabetes

The person suffering from diabetes mellitus may feel increased thirst. Skin infections creating a lot of irritations and discomforts can be considered as an important symptom for diabetes mellitus.

Patients suffering from type 1 diabetes may start to lose a lot of weight and those suffering from type 2 may become obese. Another symptom for diabetes mellitus is the decreased immunity or healing ability. Diabetes can also affect the vision leading to blurred vision and other eye infections.

Home remedies for diabetes

Bitter gourd is the most important one among the commonly used home remedies for the diabetes mellitus. Bitter gourd is effective in lowering the sugar content in the blood as well as urine since bitter gourds are having insulin like principle in them. Bitter gourds can be included liberally in the diet of diabetic patients. Juice of about 3 to 4 bitter gourd can be taken early in the morning in an empty stomach.

Diabetes can be treated naturally using Indian gooseberry. About a teaspoon full of Indian gooseberry juice can be added in 250 ml of freshly prepared bitter gourd juice and this solution can be taken in small amounts two times a day. This can be continued for a month for the better results of the treatment. Indian gooseberries are Vitamin C rich and hence can very effectively reduce the glucose level in the blood to a considerable level.

Black berries are found to be very effective in the treatment of the diabetes mellitus. The seeds and fruits of black berry are equally important in the treatment. The seeds can be dried and powdered and about one teaspoon of this powder can be consumed along with a cup of milk or water daily for better results.

The bark of black berry tree is also effective in treating diabetes. The inner part of the bark can be dried and burnt to get the ashes. About ten grams of this ash can be taken once in a day as a part of the treatment.

Grapefruits are beneficial in curing the diabetes mellitus. Grapefruits can be taken liberally by the person suffering from diabetes as these can very effectively control the glucose level in our body. About 2 to 3 grapefruits can be taken in a day for the best results of treatment and this is also considered as a good preventive method against the diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds are good in the natural treatment of diabetes. Diabetes patients should be given with a dose of 25 grams of fenugreek seeds which can effectively help in reducing the cholesterol and glucose levels.

Bengal grams are found to be beneficial in curing the diabetic problems. The water extracted from the Bengal gram is found to be very effective in the treatment of diabetes as this can help in increasing the utilization of glucose by our body. The diet of a diabetic patient should include liberal amounts of Bengal grams.

Another excellent homemade medicine for the diabetes is using black grams. Some amount of black grams can be kept soaked for germinating overnight and two teaspoons of germinated grams can be taken as a good remedy for diabetes.

Mango and Indian plum can be taken in equal quantities and then can be mixed well.  This mixture can be taken once in a day and can be continued for a month. This is a good home remedy for diabetes mellitus.

Mango leaves especially the tender leaves are found to be excellent in curing the diabetes. An infusion can be prepared by soaking about 15 grams of leaves in 250 ml of water overnight and this can be taken early in the morning in an empty stomach. Leaves can be also dried and powdered and then can be taken as a home cure for the diabetes.

Purslane seeds are helpful in the natural treatment of diabetes mellitus. About a teaspoon full of purslane seeds can be taken a day and came continued till the difference in the diabetes problems are noticed. This can help in increasing the insulin production in the body. String beans, cucumber and garlic are proved to be the other beneficial vegetables that can be taken as a part of the treatment of diabetes.

Diet to be followed

A person suffering from diabetes mellitus should reduce their intake of carbohydrates rich food items. Instead they should take a low carbohydrate and fat containing food items like vegetables, whole legumes, oats etc. Intake of tea and coffee can be reduced which can help in reducing the glucose level in the blood.

Food items prepared by using refined wheat should be avoided as this can increase the diabetic conditions. Food items rich in protein should be restricted. Fruit juices can be avoided and the fruits like apple, pear etc can be taken along with their skins.

Food items like milk, egg yolk, red meat are rich in fat hence these food items should be carefully avoided from the diet of a diabetic patient. Minimizing the use of butter and oil can be beneficial in controlling the diabetic problems.

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