How to Prevent and Cure Tenderness in the Breasts

Tenderness in the breasts may be due to improper diet, weight loss or gain, exercise, pregnancy, menstrual cycle or change in the hormonal level. Whatever the cause the soreness that you experience causes discomfort.

Sometimes not wearing a bra or wearing a bra that does not support your breasts can cause tenderness in the area. The best deal to combat this is to wear a bra that helps to support your breasts. Use a bra with an under wire if you are heavy on the bust. If bras in general are causing the discomfort then you must opt for sports bras. They are light and help to keep the beasts firm and prevent tenderness.

When you experience pain then apply a warm compress by means of a hot towel on your breasts. If the tenderness is before your periods then you must apply a cold compress with an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables. Keep it on your breasts for a few minutes to ease the discomfort.

Calcium helps to reduce tenderness. Drink a glass of milk and increase your intake of dairy products in order to get your minimum requirement of calcium. Supplements are a good way to get your calcium requirements as well. In addition to calcium, magnesium also helps to relieve the tenderness caused by your menstrual cycle.

When you lose weight fast, then the estrogen levels in your body need time to adjust to the new body weight and this causes soreness in the breasts. In this case you need to reduce the amount of hydrogenated fats that you consume.

While exercising ensure that your breasts are well supported in order to prevent damage to the muscles in the adjoining area. Wear sports gear and bras that help your skin to breathe and ensure that you wash your garments in warm water after an exercise routine to help to disinfect the garments. Germs and bacteria can lead to itching skin and complications in the breasts.