How to Prevent and Get Rid of a Razor Bump

Most men shave daily. Often there face is forced to shave in the presence of a razor bump on the face, which not only makes the activity difficult but also annoying. When they cluster together they tend to look like a bad case of acne. There are a few easy steps to avoid this situation.

The first thing you must remember is that blunt razors cause ingrown hair as you need to shave the same area several times. In order to avoid this you must use a sharp razor or a new razor as many times a month as possible.

Shave during or immediately after a bath. In this way your skin is already moist and hydrated hence is it soft and easy to shave off.

Always shave in the direction of the hair and not in the opposite direction. Use one long stroke rather than several small strokes on the same area.

Exfoliate your skin before you shave. This helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells that interfere with the shaving process. By doing this you also reveal all ingrown hairs and are able to eliminate them in the process of shaving.

Look for shaving products that help to eliminate the growth of razor bumps and ingrown hair. Use a shaving cream when you shave. This helps the razor to move and glide well on the surface of the skin and prevent you form having to pull your skin to get rid of the fine hair on your face.

Avoid shaving daily as far as possible. Shave 3 to 4 times a week and try and avoid shaving on days weekends, when you do not have a big presentation or when you are generally relaxed. Keeping a gap in the days when you shave helps your skin to reveal all the hair that needs to be eliminated when you shave.