How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Split Ends

Your hair splits when it is dry and not cared for. The ends of the hair can split into multiples and if not cared for in time then the hair splits across the entire length. They make the hair look unsightly and therefore difficult to maintain.

In order to avoid splitting you must avoid brushing your hair too often. The friction caused by the hairbrush and your hair leads to damaged hair and thereby leads to split ends. Never brush your hair when it is wet and do not use a fine tooth comb. It is best to use a wide tooth comb.

Avoid over using heating products on your hair. The heat will damage your hair and dry it up leading to the splits. Use these products only when you are styling your hair. If you need to use the hair dryer then you must use it on a low setting to avoid heat blasts directly on your hair. Avoid hair styles that require you to back comb your hair as it leads to severe damage of the hair from the root to the tips.

Your hair must not be uncared for on days of extreme weather. During the summer always wear a hat or scarf on your hair and in the winters keep your hair tied up to avoid friction and breakage.

Use a deep conditioner on your hair; and in cold weathers use a leave in conditioner to protect your hair.

Before entering into a swimming pool use a healthy amount of coconut oil on your hair in order to protect it from the chlorine in the water.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Always keep your bath water at room temperature. Hot water can leads to severe hair damage.

If you do notice your hair splitting then you must get a hair cut immediately to prevent further damage to your hair and the hair splitting higher.