How to Prevent and Overcome Bad Breath and Dry Mouth

Ever wondered why your mouth smells the way it does when you wake up in the morning or after a nap. Well, it’s because of the food that you eat. They cause bacterial growth in your mouth and this leads to the odor being emitted. Foul odor from the mouth is also known as halitosis. The condition can be cured and prevented with ease and hence it is best to try these remedies as soon as you become aware that you are suffering with halitosis. Gum infections, bleeding gums, cavities and poor oral hygiene are common causes of the condition.

In order to prevent this condition you need to maintain oral hygiene; this is the best preventive measure tips for you. Brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed at night is the best way to ensure that you avoid cavities. This is a definite way of ensuring that you avoid bad breath. Remember that it is equally important to brush your tongue in order to eliminate bacterial growth on this area. This too can give rise to bad breath.

Coffee and smoking aggravates your condition and hence you need to give up both these vices. Cigarette toxins remain in your breath and hence you need to avoid this habit as much as you can.

If you suffer with dry mouth syndrome then you need to work to cure this condition. Drinking water helps to cure this. It is also a way to enhance the quantity of saliva production. You must also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and also include fruit juices into your diet. This helps to freshen your breath.

Rinsing your mouth every time you eat or drink is a good way to wash out toxins and bacteria from your mouth and prevent any bad odor from emitting from your mouth. Chew sugar free gum in order to prevent bad breath. Gum increases your saliva production and this enhances and freshens your breath.