How to Prevent and Survive a Heart Attack if you are Alone

For individuals; especially senior citizens who live alone, you must be aware of your health conditions at all times. You must reduce the risk of them as far as possible and take care to have all the medications and a phone handy with you at all times.

Firstly, not all attacks are life threatening. If you have a heart condition or if you have a history of them in your family then you must speak to your doctor and get yourself examined.

Whether you are at risk or not; learn CPR so that you can administer it on yourself in the early signs of the attack.

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of heart attack. Chalk out the warning signs so that you are aware of them.

Avoid all potentially dangerous habits like alcohol and smoking.

If you think you are having an attack then…

The first thing you need to do if you think you are having an attack is to call the local hospital. Always have the number on speed dial on your phone. Talk to the operator about your condition, the symptoms that you are experiencing and your address.

Do not try to drive or walk to the hospital eve if it is a stones throw away. Help will come to you.

You can have an aspirin and rest down on the floor on your back with your feet straight. Breathe as slowly as possible and do not panic. Hit your self on the chest as hard as possible. This is normally difficult to administer on your self especially in the condition that you are in, but it will definitely buy you some time till help comes you way.

Drink some water if you can. Try and stay in a well ventilated room that is not too hot.

Foods that prevent heart attacks

If your doctor states that there is a possibility of heart diseases in your future then you must consume sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrot, tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, walnuts and almonds, whole wheat bread and fruits. What you must avoid are foods high in sugar like ice cream, candy and baked goods, red meats, deep fried foods, hot dogs and hamburgers and junk foods.