4 Ways To Prevent And Treat Blisters on Your Feet

4 Ways To Prevent And Treat Blisters on Your Feet

Blisters on your feet are normally caused by ill fitted shoes. When the foot rubs against the shoe it causes a sore puss filled boil or blister. This can be extremely painful as the area gets sore due to the constant friction. Fortunately for us there are several ways to get rid of the blisters. As a precaution you need to wear shoes that fit your feet well. Do not wear shoes that are too tight or loose. Choose comfort over style.

Tips To Prevent And Treat Blisters

Soak Your Feet In Hot Water

If you get a blister then you need to wash your feet with warm water and an antibacterial soap to ensure that all the germs are eradicated and the bacteria does not spread to the surrounding areas. After washing your feet wipe them dry to avoid fungal growth. Now take a cotton ball and press the blister to eliminate any puss that has formed inside.

If it begins to ooze blood then use an adhesive bandage to cover it up in order to stop the bleeding and start the blood clotting. Use an anti bacterial ointment if you are not covering up the blister to avoid the spread of the infection. When you are at home and need not wear any footwear then you need to leave the wound open so as to let it heal.

Use An Anti Bacterial Ointment

When you are sleeping at night elevate your foot above your waist so that the blood does not flow to your feet. This helps to reduce the loss of blood.You can also soften the skin on your feet by soaking your feet in a tub of warm water. Add rose water to the warm water to help the wound to heal faster.

Elevate Your Foot Above Your Waist

Maintain your hydration levels. The water in your body helps in the formation of new layers of skin thus helping to speed up the healing process.

Maintain Your Hydration Levels

Ways To Prevent And Treat Blisters on Your Feet