How to Prevent Autumn Allergies

If you are the kind of person who has allergic reactions at the drop of a hat then you need to be extremely cautious during the autumn months. Along with the fresh air and the beauty of nature you are breathing pollen, mold and spores. These are all harmful to you and can be the cause of your allergic reaction. There are a few preventive measures for you in order to be able to control these allergies and prevent attacks.

Form August to November the air is filled with spores and ragweed. These are tiny and hence when you breathe them they cause mild to severe irritation. In order to prevent this you must limit your outdoor time. Avoid parks and gardens as these a places where the irritants are likely to be in huge amounts. Do not exercise outdoors, especially during the mornings as the irritants are in huge proportions. If you are driving then keep your windows down.

If you must go outdoors then make sure that you watch the news so that you are updated about the timings of high elevation of pollen. And also make sure that you are equipped with a mask at all times in order to prevent breathing in any of the pollutants.

If you are having an allergic reaction then you must try a warm water salt saline. This is the only to flush out the toxins. You also need to eat spicy foods; these will help to get rid of the irritants. Herbs like horse radish, chilly peppers, and mustard help to get rid of the pollutants from your body.

When you sleep at night you must use an air purifier in order to help you to clean the air in your room. Make sure that you purifier is equipped to get rid of the allergens in the room.

Make sure that the paint that you use in your room and the furniture does not attract allergens. Check the house for any traces of asbestos. If you have pets in the house then you will need to vacuum clean the house daily to get rid of pet danger.