4 Ways to Prevent Back Pain at Work and at Home

4 Ways to Prevent Back Pain at Work and at Home

A back pain is a woe for almost every individual from the age of 16 to way in to your senior years. Though there are several cures to the pain; prevention is always the best way to go about with this ailment.

To prevent a back ache you must first maintain a healthy weight. You will notice that those who are overweight or when you put on weight suddenly you tend to feel a surge of back aches. Pregnant women experience such pains as progress in their term. The more weight you put on the more pressure falls on your spine and this leads to severe back aches. You will experience most of the aches in your lower back.

Drink Water To Reduce Back Pain

We need to provide our bodies with adequate amounts of water in order to keep it in health. Water helps to maintain the elasticity of our bodies and ensures that the body is not dehydrated; thereby taking care to avoid aches and pains.

If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time then you must try and stand as often as possible to stretch your back muscles. When you are sitting you must also take care to avoid slouching and a bad posture when you are sitting. Always sit with your back straight and your arms relaxed when you are sitting down.

Sleep To Reduce Back Pain

You must get as much exercise as you can to ensure the health of your bones and muscles. Physical activity keeps the muscles in your back strong and prevents the aches and pains that you may experience in case of lack of exercise.

When you sleep you must make sure that your body and your back are well relaxed. Sleep on your back and avoid crouching when you sleep. Sleep on a firm mattress and make sure that the pillow that you sleep on support your neck and head well.

Exercise To Reduce Back Pain

If you are lifting weights at work or at home; make sure that you do so with ease. Avoid jerks to your back or any part of your body as these can lead to spasms later. When you are lifting objects; place your feet apart from each other, tighten your abdominal muscles and bend your knees before lifting the objects.

Avoid Lifting Weight To Reduce Back Pain

Ways to Prevent Back Pain at Work and at Home