How to Prevent Boils from Forming on Your Skin

Boils are a menace and are extremely painful. They are formed externally as well as internally and are equally painful no matter how they are formed. They are normally accompanied with swelling and redness on the area. There are several treatments that you can opt for to treat the boils and prevent them from forming. Most of these treatments can be done at home; all you need are a few basic guidelines.

If the boils form in the ears then you can make a blend to use as ear drops. First heat mustard oil and add crushed garlic and carom seeds to the oil. Let the oil boil for a few minutes and then filter the oil to get rid of the solids in it. Let the oil cool down and then use 2 to 3 drops in your ears every night for a week. You will notice that the boils will get healed in a matter of days and they will not form again.

If the boils are ripe, if you can see a seed in it or they are about to erupt then you must juice an onion or garlic and apply it on the skin. This will cause the boil to erupt and ooze any liquid that is in it. Wipe the area with a disposable towel and clean it with a mild anti septic. Use an anti fungal cream topically on the area.

If the boils are filled with blood then you must use a mix of milk cream with vinegar and turmeric powder to heal it. Mix the products to form a paste and apply it to the area. This will cause the blood it the boils to get dry and leave without any scars.

Bitter gourd is a very beneficial as a treatment for this condition. You must have 5 to 7 spoons of the juice in the morning; this acts as a cleanser in the body and helps to get rid of any bacteria or germs that cause the formation of the boils. Drink the juice on an empty stomach for best results.

Use a mixture of honey and lime juice on the area to dry out the boil and get rid of any signs of the boil causing an infection once again.