How to prevent breast cancer recurrence

It turns out to be the worst phase in a woman’s life when she has apparently defeated breast cancer, only discovers that the disease has again returned with full vigor. It has been estimated that about 10 percent of women who have undergone both the lumpectomy as well as the radiation therapy for treating breast cancer face the reappearance within the next 12 years.

While there are no ways to totally get rid of the likelihood of reappearance, a number of measures can be undertaken in order to lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence:

Plasma carotenoid ratio: According to many researchers, women who have already undergone the treatment with the high note of the plasma carotenoid ratio have 40 percent fewer chances of reappearance, concentration can be obtained by consuming plenty of green vegetables and fruits. The beta-carotene, lycopene and lutien present in different vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of breast cancer reappearance.

Fat diet: According to many researches conducted recently, it was proving that consumption of a low-fat diet reduces the chances of the breast cancer recurrence in women.

Exercise: Exercising is a must in order to prevent the recurrence. Walking is also a very good exercise and should be done for at least four hours each week to keep the body fit and healthy. According to many studies, exercising regularly decreases the risk of death for breast cancer by about 50 percent.

Alcohol and tobacco: Alcohol and tobacco have been associated with high risk for breast cancer recurrence for the survivors having breast cancer. Hence intake of alcohol and the use of tobacco products should be totally averted.

Lose weight: Increase of weight is one of the potent factors for breast cancer recurrence. Weight must be reduced for ones who are overweight so as to prevent reappearance. For that consumption of fatty foods should be totally stopped. Excess weight produces fat cells and also leads to the storing of estrogen, a factor that has been linked to the increased rate of breast cancer.