How to Prevent Cold Hands and Feet During Winter

The cold winter air can get to your toes and fingers causing you to lose skin and have cracked limbs. These are unheard off, especially since you have the holidays around the corner. Spooning and standing on your feet for long periods of time can also cause a bit of stress on your feet.

You must soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes daily. This helps to warm your toes and the warm water helps to increase your blood circulation as well thereby helping you to keep warm as well. You can also try and exfoliate the skin on your hands and feet when you are soaking them in water. After you take your feet out of the water; slather on a decent amount of moisturizing lotion on your hands and feet. The lotion will help to add moisture to your limbs and keep them soft and youthful. The lotion will also help to protect your skin against the harsh cold winds.

Use sunscreen on your hands and feet when you are moving outdoors during the day. This helps to keep your skin moisturized and healthy even during the winter.

Always wear pantyhose during the winter to keep your feet warm. Make sure that they are washed daily to avoid infections and spread of germs.

Wear cotton or woolen gloves as often as possible. The wool helps to lock in the heat from your body thereby preventing your hands and fingers from getting cold.

Why is it important to protect your hands and feet from the cold?

The cold winds can create havoc on your skin. Dry skin is the worst of your problems. The wind can crack your skin and the cracked skin can lead to bleeding. The open wounds and cracks can attract other germs and bacteria and lead to more serious infections. Thus protecting your skin during the winter should be of keen interest to you.