How to Prevent Constipation in Your First Trimester

Constipation in the first trimester is not unheard of. It is caused due to the change in hormonal balance and changes in your stomach form and digestive tract. Prenatal vitamins also have a hand in contributing to this condition due to the presence of iron in the pills. If your diet still comprises of caffeine and alcohol and you are not eating foods that are fibrous then your chances of getting constipated are high.

In order to prevent this there are a few precautions that you need to take. Firstly you need to start with making a few changes in your food patterns. Drinking lots of water through the day will work in your favor. You need to cut down on your consumption of tea and coffee and any other caffeine based drinks. Instead of coffee and tea you can choose to have fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

You diet need to include foods that are high in fiber content. Vegetables, cereal, whole grain and fibrous fruit juices will enhance your condition. In addition to this you must also ensure that you are eating your meals on time. Not eating at regular intervals or eating at odd hours could contribute to your condition.

Though you are pregnant you need to exercise. When your body starts going through changes it will begin to want to rest more and exercise less. This is not a good sign. When you exercise you are able to have regular bowel movements. You need not do strenuous exercises when you are pregnant but walking for a few minutes daily will help to increase bowel movements and ensure that you are not constipated. It also aids digestion and helps in the elimination of waste without pain.

If the foods that you are eating causes constipation then you need to see a dietician who will guide you with the right foods that you need to eat. If you suffer from diarrhea, mucus or blood discharge in your waste elimination then you need to inform your doctor immediately. The same must be done if you are constipated for more than 24 hours. Do not attempt to take any anti biotic medications without the consent of your doctor.