How to prevent diabetes related babies birth defects

Women who are planning to become pregnant or who have already become pregnant need to know that diabetes are of two types: i) Diabetes that had existed from before pregnancy and ii) Diabetes that develops during pregnancy, also known as gestational diabetes.

Pregnant mothers who already have diabetes from before pregnancy or developed gestational diabetes after becoming pregnant mostly deliver larger babies which is due to the reason that the extra sugar that is being produced by the mother is being transferred to the baby through an umbilical cord where insulin converts the sugar into fat.

Some of the babies birth defects or pregnancy complications arising from diabetes can be: miscarriages, premature baby, stillborn baby, having very high pressure throughout pregnancy, obese child, etc.

Gestational diabetes is quite common in most parts of the world. In US alone about 200,000 women get affected by gestational diabetes every year. Though previously gestational diabetes was ignored and was treated lightly as it mostly disappeared after the baby was born today.

However, this disease is considered as an indication of warning both for the mother and the baby that might affect them for the rest of their life. There are easy and useful treatments for gestational diabetes but if left untreated it can develop serious complications like delayed maturity levels, stillbirths and poor functioning of placenta.

There are a number of methods that can be followed in order to prevent diabetes related babies birth defects. By keeping a close watch on the diet, the mothers can themselves avert the risk of developing diabetes while pregnant or can prevent the situation from becoming further complicated if she has already been affected by diabetes before becoming pregnant. Frequent check-up is a must for all the pregnant mothers.

Blood glucose check-ups should be conducted routinely and the doctor’s instruction should be followed regarding the proper intake of medications. Diabetic pregnant mothers should intake folic acid before and after the conception so as to avoid any birth defects of the child.

The folic acid can also be consumed by all pregnant women as gestational vitamins are often included with it by the doctors. Regular physical exercise, losing weight and a healthy diet can keep gestational diabetes at bay as well as combat normal diabetes successfully.

By properly managing diabetes through a healthy pregnancy diet and a regular fitness regime, the diabetic mothers can smoothly and safely deliver healthy baby.