How to Prevent Ear Infections in Babies

An infant crying and pulling his ears or the hair around it is perceived as a cry for help due to an ear infection. If this behavior is clubbed with fever and nausea and restlessness; then chances are that the child is suffering from an infection. A child suffering from an ear infection can turn out to be extremely ill if not taken care off. For this reason the parents must take precautions to prevent the infection rather than going through the trouble of curing it.

Doctors state that the most common cause for ear infections in children is the fact that they swallow pockets of air when they feed. For this reason it is best to breast feed the baby for 6 to 8 months. When you breast feed the child you ensure that they do not swallow any air. However, if you are using a bottle to feed the child then you must take care to see that the child is not lying flat when being fed but is at an angle. This helps to prevent huge amounts of air entering into the child’s stomach while feeding.

Make sure that your child is not exposed to smoke. Doctors claim that second hand smoke is the cause of infections in many children and hence recommend that children should not be exposed to smoke at any levels.

Practicing good hygiene is the only way to prevent the spread of germs and prevent bacterial infections in the ear. Always wash your hands before coming in contact with the child. Make sure that others practice the same. Use bacterial wipes that are designed for babies, these help to reduce the possibility of infections.

There are several vaccinations available that helps to prevent ear infections. Parents must educate themselves on the various vaccinations available and speak to the doctors about the ones that are recommended for the child. Recent vaccinations that help prevent ear infections is PCV7. Medical studies show that this may help to prevent ear infections.

In general practice, you must make sure to clean the child’s ears regularly with cotton tips. After bath; make sure that there is no water in the ear canal or the ear. Leftover water can cause an infection. One must make sure not to use metal objects in the ear canal for cleaning purposes. Never use oil in the child’s ears unless recommended by the doctor.