How to Prevent Foot Odor and Cure it Effortlessly

Foot odor is a common syndrome. Poor hygiene like not washing your foot often or not wiping the water from your feet, wearing unclean footwear and socks are the common reasons for the odor. In summer when your body perspires your feet do too and this causes the odor. This can be extremely embarrassing and causes discomfort. In this case there are several remedies that can help you out.

Firstly, you need to wash your feet well. Use warm water and soap to get rid of the dirt on your feet as well as to wash away the perspiration.

Soaking your feet in warm water with peppermint in the water helps to reduce the bacteria that produce the odor and kills the germs. Epsom’s salt is also known to be an effective cure in getting rid of foot odor.

As a precautionary measure always wear clean footwear. Change your socks daily, avoid repeating them even if it is winter and you feel that you don’t sweat. The bacteria in your feet multiply even if there is no perspiration. You must always leave your footwear in the open for an hour or so after you use them to help them to air out all the odor of the day.

Wear open shoes that help your feet to breath, this is true for the summer when you lose a lot of water due to perspiration.

Soak you feet in a tub of warm water with a few table spoons of salt in the water. Do this every night. It helps to heal and cuts or wounds or blisters that you may have on your feet. It also relieves muscle tension in your feet and increases blood circulation thereby helping you to have healthy feet. You can have the same effects with baking soda in water. You can also try using tea bags in water and soaking your feet in the water to have positive results on your feet.