How to Prevent Graying of Hair at Twenty

Yes, does it surprise many of you? Graying of hair at twenty is getting to be a common problem among the youth of today. But one would sure like to stop graying of hair at such a young age. So it would be good to study the causes of graying of hair and then take steps to stop or prevent it.

Hair is made up of the same cells that are on the outer layer of the skin and grow from hair follicles deep-rooted in the outer layer of the skin. Ones scalp has oil glands that secrete an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is the substance that gives the hair the luster and color it has; hence graying of hair is caused by the deficiency of sebum produced in the skull. In addition, one who does not eat right and are deficient in Vitamin B-complex vitamins, iron, copper and iodine have lesser sebum production and graying of hair. Besides an unclean scalp, long term cold or sinusitis infection or even constipation can cause graying of hair. Most of all dear young friends do not worry much and live a stress free life if you want black lustrous hair.

The most natural way to overcome graying of hair at twenty is to start eating a balanced diet with plenty of cereals,  pulses, milk, fruits, green and leafy vegetables. Besides if one is a meat eater one can benefit by eating a small helping of liver once a week. Your doctor could help you regarding your Vitamin B-complex needs. In addition, just learn  to relax and do yoga and breath control exercises to overcome your anxiety and worries. It is best for young people to take things easy and as they come to prevent graying of hair at twenty.

A few home remedies could help to remedy the situation of graying at twenty. One such remedy is to boil plenty of curry leaves in coconut oil, strain and cool the oil. Then this can be massaged on the scalp. The next of those famous granny home remedies is to dry a few pieces of ridge gourd in the sun. Then they should be soaked in coconut oil for about four hours. Then this mixture is to be boiled till the ridge gourd pieces turn black. This mixture can also be cooled and used for that very special scalp oil massage.

In addition the juice of fresh amaranth leaves can be applied to ones hair. One more of those famous remedies involve  putting the butter of cow’s milk on ones scalp twice a week. Indian gooseberry, the mother of home remedies is the best for graying of hair. It prevents not only graying of hair but also promotes good hair growth. The Indian gooseberry or amla can be dried and powdered and put in coconut oil to be applied to the hair. Besides it is good to mix amla juice  with almond oil and lemon juice and apply it on ones hair overnight. Henna can be mixed with water and lemon juice and can be kept in an iron container overnight. This can be applied on ones hair and let to dry for about one and a half or two hours. Washing it after that gives good health and color to ones hair.

Those youngsters who want to avoid graying of hair at twenty should avoid white things like bread made out of white flour, potatoes, and sugar and fried things. Besides avoiding of soft drinks and spicy foods could also help. Do make it a practice to follow all these tips for just six months to get the desired results.