3 Ways To Prevent Hair Residue Buildup


3 Ways To Prevent Hair Residue Buildup

If your hair looks dull or thin no matter what treatments you offer it then you are suffering from hair residue build up. This occurs when you are applying too many products to your hair or you are using the wrong products. This can lead to damaging your hair in the form of dandruff or hair loss. This also happens if you use the same products too long on your hair.

In order to understand the root cause of the issue you will need to try several remedies. Start with changing your hair products for a week or two. If your hair still looks dull and thin then it is not the product that you are using that is making your hair dull but your hair care routine. If your hair looks healthy after switching your products then your issue is resolved. Remember to change your products every alternate month.

Tips To Prevent Hair Residue Buildup

Try rinsing your hair with lemon juice every week in order to get rid of the build up. The strong acid like content of the lemon juice will remove any residue from products like shampoo, conditioner or even hair spray that is stuck onto your scalp. Wash the juice with warm water and you will have healthier shinier hair.

Lemon Juice For Hair Residue Buildup

To prevent regular build up wash your hair with equal parts of vinegar and water every month. This remedy has been proven to be effective for those that have had thin lifeless hair and those suffering from hair fall.

Heat coconut oil or olive oil for a few seconds and pour the oil onto your scalp. Then massage your scalp for 30 to 40 minutes. The oil will soften your scalp and remove any residue or build up that is on your hair or your scalp. Dip a towel in hot water and then remove all the water from it, wrap this towel around your head and let the steam from the towel set into your scalp.

Vinegar For Hair Residue Buildup

Do this several times; you will feel your stress levels lighten with this treatment as well. Let the towel stay on your hair after the final dip and then wash your hair after 30 to 45 minutes. Your hair will be free of residue and will look healthy and shiny. Do this treatment once a week in the beginning and then cut down to once a month once your hair becomes healthier.

  Coconut Oil For Hair Residue Buildup

Prevent Hair Residue Buildup