How to Prevent Jetlag

Moving across countries and crossing the dateline and time zones can create havoc on your body. This can ruin the first few days of your vacation and in severe cases lead to you falling extremely ill. If you are traveling for pleasure it is easy to laze around since that is the purpose of your trip so you can unwind at your own leisure. However, if you are traveling on business then you have no time to relax and need to be alert the moment you arrive at your destination.

You need to start preparing before hand in this case. Start moving your sleep- wake cycles a few weeks before your trip so that you are settled in by the time you need to travel. This helps to avoid a lot of uneasiness when you arrive at your destination.

When you are on your flight avoid getting dehydrated. An airplane cabin is normally extremely dry and dehydrates you. Avoid this by drinking water and orange juice on your flight. Orange juice is loaded with Vitamin C and helps to energize you instantly. Avoid drinking alcohol on your flight. Caffeine drinks too should be avoided as they dehydrate you.

If you are on a long haul flight then you must stretch your legs as often as you can. Get up approximately every hour or so and walk around the cabin. Exercising your muscles helps to increase the blood circulation and prevents you from feeling lethargic and uneasy.

If you are flying during the day you must stay awake, sleep on your flight if you are flying at night. The in- flight movies will keep you awake when you want to stay awake. Else keep yourself occupied with something that interests you.

Try and soak up the natural sunlight from your window. Eating a heavy meal on flight will help to prevent jet lag. Opt for a meal that is high in carbohydrates