How to Prevent Losing your Hair and Growing Bald

Premature hair loss is a cause of concern for many. While most of it is due to dandruff, bad diet and hygiene are contributing factors as well. Loss of hair causes a lot of embarrassment and can lead to lowered confidence levels. There are many home remedies that can be used to win this battle.

To facilitate growth of new hairs in the area you need to increase and stimulate the blood circulation first. This can be done by rubbing the slice of an onion on your scalp in a circular motion till the scalp becomes red. Then apply honey to the area and wash off with warm water after an hour. The onion will stimulate the blood circulation while the honey helps to increase the hair growth.

Wash your hair with equal parts of apple cider vinegar and sage tea. This will help to stimulate the growth of new air follicles.

The following treatment must be done thrice a week. Start with mixing equal parts of coconut milk with aloe vera gel and then let it stay on your scalp for 30 minutes. After this pour a generous amount of coconut oil on your scalp and massage your hair with a good hair massager for 15 minutes. This stimulates the growth of the hair follicles. Then rinse it off with warm water.

Mustard oil is also an effective remedy for a receding hairline. Massage your scalp with warm oil and add a few mint leaves to it while you are warming it up.

Mix the white of an egg with a cup of yogurt and whisk the two to form a frothy blend. Then massage it onto your scalp and let it stay for about an hour. The next step is to steam your scalp. This can be done by wrapping a towel dipped in hot water around your scalp. Do this several times and then wash your hair with warm water. Your hair will look shiny and have a healthy bounce. This remedy will help to take care of any dandruff formation and cleans the scalp.