How to Prevent Male Baldness

Hair is synonymous to attraction. A guy with thin hair or who has gone bald is never considered attractive. Thus, there is always a secret fear among men to loose hair. A head full of hair reflects attractiveness and youth in men’s personality. Hair loss problem is very common and proper care must be taken to avoid this. From a study, it is discovered that thinning hair starts even before a boy is twenty years old. This process gradually leads to androgenic alopecia, which is the common type of baldness in men.

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the major reason of men’s baldness. This is an androgenic hormone and if its level rises, it leads to hair fall. Hair grows with continuous supply of blood to the follicle. DTH ties itself to the hair follicles and obstruct the blood circulation. Thus, follicle fails to take out nutrients from the blood and stops hair growth. When this process is continued, hair becomes thinner and baldness becomes inevitable.

Usage of Medicines
Blocking DHT is the apparent solution to cure baldness. There are medicines available in the market that should be taken only after doctor’s prescription. Finasteride reduces the entire level of DHT and thus hair fall is prevented. Finasteride might also cause dangerous adverse effects such as erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is better to look out for other options to cure baldness.

Nature-based Medicines
Instead of harmful chemicals, there are few herbal medicines with natural components to reduce DHT level in men’s body. These drugs prevent DHT and help follicle to get sufficient nutrients naturally, without any side-effects. These are also less expensive than the chemical-based medicines like Finasteride. Some popular natural alternatives for the treatment of baldness in men are oral zinc drugs, Saw Palmetto and pumpkin seeds.

Male-pattern baldness is a serious problem and its toll is increasing day by day. Presently, there is no proper and permanent solution for baldness. Different products such as medicines and lotions can only slow down the progression. Hair transplant is recommended to those who can afford it. Others can simply go bald, as it can make a fashion statement.