How to Prevent Respiratory Infections

Prevention is better than cure and in the case of a common cold I would definitely agree. The cold does not come alone but is accompanied with ailments like a cough, congestion in the chest and soreness in the throat. All the ailments together can play havoc on your system and make you ill. Preventing a cold is better than going through days of uneasiness and illness.

Remember that a common cold is extremely infectious and hence one must avoid contact with an infected person by all means. Remember to wash your hands if you have come in contact with the person in any form. You need not have touched the person but merely touching the same objects that the person may have touched can spread the infection. Clean any items that the infected person may have touched to prevent the spread of the infection. Computer keyboards, cell phones and door knobs are common areas of concern.

Another form of prevention is to avoid smoking. Research has proved that those who smoke are at higher risk of contracting a common cold and respiratory infections than non smokers.

When you are suffering from a common cold you must drink plenty of fluids. Fresh fruit juices and water help to flush out the germs and bacteria from your system. Second hand smoke can be as harmful as smoking and hence staying away from smoke as well as smokers will help you to stay away from respiratory infections.

A weak immune system makes you prone to illnesses and hence boosting your immune system with a healthy diet will help to improve your health. Stress is a factor that is known to affect your immune system and hence reducing stress in order to maintain a healthy immune system also helps to keep you in good health.

If a family member is ill, then you must be cautious to avoid contact with the person for fear of contamination. Use separate linen and wash their garments separately, use warm water for the first rinse.

Follow a strict exercise routine to keep you healthy and free from germs and infections.