How to Prevent Soreness of Breasts and Nipples During Breast Feeding

Breast feeding can leave you in pain. A pleasurable act for your child, a form of nourishment that is the only form of survival for her can be a cause of unbearable pain for you. It gets even worse at the onset of teeth in the infant. There are however a few simple techniques to prevent this discomfort.

Before you start feeding your child apply a cold compress in the form of an ice pack on the nipples. This helps to ease the existing pain and causes a degree of numbness in the breast; thus reducing the amount of pain you will feel.

Alternate each feeding by switching breasts. Do not give up feeding your child in the case of sore nipples as constant feeding will have a healing effect. Wash the area before each feed.

Do not wear tight brass but wear nursing bras that make your breasts comfortable. Expose the breasts to sunlight in the morning.

Do not use soap on your breasts as they cause the nipples to crack. During your third trimester and until you stop feeding, use olive oil or almond oil on your breasts to keep the moisture levels high and prevent the breasts from cracking. Do not use deodorants, cologne or perfume during the period when you are breast feeding.

When you are feeding from one breast, express a few drops of milk and dab it on the other breast. Do this with every feed so that you alternate the breast feeding and application of the breast milk as well.

After you finish a feed, apply a hot water towel on your breast to ease the soreness on the nipples. Doing this regularly helps to decrease the possibility of cracked and bleeding nipples. You can also cut open an Aloe Vera leaf and apply the gel to your breast. Make sure you wash it off before the next feed to prevent the child from getting a bitter taste during the following feed.