How to Prevent the Heat from Harming Your Children

All children love to play outdoors and most of them are home during the summer. This leads to them being outdoors for most part of the day. This is extremely harmful because the heat of the sun can have adverse effects on their tiny bodies. Fortunately, there are a few remedies and precautions that you can take to ensure that their bodies do not wither away with the scorching heat of the sun.

You need to ensure that you maintain the children’s hydration levels at all times. Make sure that they drink plenty of water and fruit juices during the day; even if their activity levels are minimal. Your children are never going to ask for a glass of water when they are busy playing with their friends. Take the water to them and their friends. Try and get them to make a practice of drinking water at regular intervals.

Do not offer your children any beverages with high amounts of refined sugar. This will lead to the children getting dehydrated even further as the sugar will absorb the water from the body and release it in the form of perspiration.

Your children will sweat due to the activities and the amount of exercise that they get. This clubbed with the heat is sure going to get them to loose plenty of water and mineral from their body. Do not let them drink any cold fluids as soon as they get into the house; this will cause a headache and dizziness. Make sure that they wash up or have a bath depending on how dirty they are and then offer them a drink. Sports drinks are full of electrodes and are the best drink to offer your children in order to replace all lost minerals.

Make sure that the child is wearing light cotton clothing that is suitable for the weather. Avoid darker colored clothes during the summer months and opt for lighter colored pastel shades for boys and girls. Before they go outdoors slather a rich amount of sunscreen lotion in order to prevent sun damage and tans. Keep the children indoors between 11 am and 4 pm. They may play outdoors before and after these hours.

Do not prepare hot meals rather keep meals cooler and lighter. Salads and cold pastas and sandwiches are the best meal options for summer.