How To Promote Strong And Healthy Nails

Brittle nails are a condition where the nails are susceptible to breaking easily and this prevents them from growing. They appear spilt at the tip and are weak and bend easily. Brittle nails can be treated with ease; but you need to make the effort to ensure that they grow well.

Conventional methods require the use of nail hardening polishes, strengthening gels and creams and nail treatments. However these treatments are expensive and time consuming. Also their effects are short term and may have side effects.

You can try a few natural ways to prevent your nails from breaking or splitting. Firstly when you are working in the garden or in the kitchen doing the dishes you must use protective gloves. Excessive pressure and exposure to water make the nails brittle and this leads to them breaking.

You must stop biting your nails. There are nail polishes that you can use on your nails to help you to stop this habit. If you do not have these then you can dip your nails in lemon juice; this will help you to stop biting your nails naturally.

You must get regular manicures. A little pampering will take you a long way.

Lack of calcium can also be one of the leading causes of weak nails. You must increase your calcium intake either through your diet or via supplements. Milk and dairy products are great sources of calcium.

In order to prevent your nails from breaking and to promote growth of your nails you need to drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated. Water will stimulate the growth of your nails as well as helps to make them stronger and thicker.

Several herbs are also helpful in the growth of nails. Lavender oils and tea tree oils are natural antiseptics and prevent any sort of nail damage. Dilute these oils in water and dip your nails in them for a few minutes. They help to strengthen your nails and prevent breaking. You must also use lemon grass or clove oil. These oils are effective in preventing nail damage and ensuring the growth of strong nails.