How to Protect Your Baby from Infection this Rainy Season

The rainy season is a time to rejoice as it brings relief from the heat of summer, however it is also a time when one should protect oneself from infection in the form of waterborne diseases like jaundice, typhoid, gastroenteritis and cholera, and other diseases like malaria and dengue. Contaminated and untreated water and stagnant water are the main causes of these diseases. It is the duty of every parent to protect themselves and their child from infection this rainy season.

The first step one should take to protect ones baby from infection is to make sure he/she is warm and dry. It is best to make sure that ones  baby has a wash after he comes from outside and that he/she is dry. Dampness can cause fungal and other skin infections. One should make sure he drinks a lot of fluids and takes sufficient rest if he catches a cold. If ones baby has a tendency to asthma one should be extra careful to avoid asthmatic attacks during this season.

If ones baby has loose motions or vomiting due to seasonal infection one should give the baby boiled water, coconut water and juices. Giving oral rehydration solution to supply sugar and other electrolytes. In case of an emergency a physician should be consulted immediately. One should never feed ones baby left over food that may be contaminated in the rainy season. It is better to always reheat food to kill the bacteria and germs that cause infection before feeding it to ones baby. Also it is best to sure one wash vegetables and fruits in running water before giving it to your baby.

Always make sure that the baby gets a good supply of vitamins, minerals and has a proper nutrition. Fruits, vegetables and milk help to boost up the immunity and body resistance of ones baby. Besides it is best to avoid outside food and meat to protect your child from infection. Vegetarian food is the best in the rainy season.

In addition hygiene should play a vital role in the protection of ones baby. Make sure ones baby doesn’t play in the rain near shallow water ponds. The stagnant water in shallow water ponds is breeding grounds for mosquitoes that spread infections like malaria, filaria and dengue. It is also best to empty water coolers, tires, buckets and pots that are filled with water. Ones family should make it a habit to dispose off all garbage promptly into bins provided in different places. The viruses present in rainwater can cause skin rashes, allergies and scabies. It is best to use mesh on doors and windows and also use mosquito repellents to ward off mosquitoes.

To conclude good sanitation, use of boiled water and better hygiene can help protect ones child from infection during the rainy season.