How to Protect your Skin from Wrinkles

Wrinkling of the skin is the problem that everyone has to deal with at a certain point of time in their lives. With the increase of the age of the individuals, there is always a tendency of the skin to wrinkle.

Protecting the skin from wrinkling is thought to be a big issue as the skin needs the extra care that is vital for the prevention and treating of the wrinkles. Wrinkles happen to all of us whether we like it or not.

There are a lot of causes for the appearing of the wrinkles. Smoking tobacco, too much of sun, stress, pollution, excess of drugs, weight loss, lack of vitamin E etc are some of the causes of wrinkling of the skin besides the aging of the skin. Here are some of the ways that help to protect the skin from wrinkles:

Water: Plenty of water should be consumed. Drink huge quantities of water in order to hydrate and moisturize the skin from within. Wrinkles take time to develop and grow on moisturized skin.

Again do not wash and clean the face with hot water. Hot water is harmful for the skin and use of hot water makes the skin prone to wrinkles formation.

Make-up: Excess use of make-up is generally known to be harmful for the skin.  The makeup usually consists of irritating ingredients that are harmful for the skin. Hence overuse of makeup should always be avoided and minimal make-up should be applied particularly to the eye area.

Cleaning: Cleaning of face is good for the skin but too much cleaning can lead to the removal of sebum that protects the surface of the skin. This could cause the sensitivity of the skin as well as the dryness, wrinkles and other damages of the skin.

Exfoliating: Exfoliating the skin occasionally helps to remove the dead skin cells but excess exfoliation can cause severe damage to the skin as it is harmful for the living cells that are present on the skin. In some cases it can even cause the remove of some living cells of the skin thereby causing wrinkles.