How to Put on Weight

This is a highly figure-conscious generation. There are several people who sometimes act as maniac fearing obesity or putting on few extra pounds. We often read discussions or tips on reducing weight and remaining fit.

Being overweight is definitely a matter of concern but the fact is that the count of underweight persons is same or even higher than the number of overweight persons. These people are suffering from lack of healthy weight, which can make way for numerous ailments and can even cause death. Generally eating disorders or any severe physical illness can cause the lack sufficient weight. There are numerous people who are seriously underweight and possess disgust among themselves that they will never be able to gain weight and keep healthy. For those individuals, here are some vital tips.

Food Habits
Concentrate on healthy food habits. You must increase the consumption of nutritious foods that should be rich in calories. Hence, you have to consume more of poultry, lean red meat, and fish along with vegetables like kidney beans, potatoes, avocadoes, olives, etc. Take more of whole-grain breads, cereals, and wheat germs.

Three-Time Meals
Taking meals in adequate time is very essential. Do not skip meals and routinely follow your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between, also try to push snacks for at least two times.

Eat properly and indulge into a healthy exercising routine. Consult a good physical instructor and involve with some weight lifting exercises. This will help you to burn the excess calorie that you take in your food and at the same time, you will remain well-toned and fit. It is important that you gain muscle and not just weight. If you continue taking high-calorie food, then your body will generate excessive fat. Remember you can always convert those calories and excess fats into muscle. If you follow a proper weight-gain diet and exercise routine, then you can surely possess healthy weight and live healthy life.