How to Quit Smoking

Fast pattern of life today has led to various health complications. Unhealthy life style today is leading to the problem of stress and stress in turn can cause person to go for activities like smoking, drinking alcohol etc. Smoking is a social evil. Apart from affecting the health of the person who smokes, it also affects the health of the other people around him.

Smoking leads to various health complications and in some cases the result are very fatal as it may lead to the death of the person. It has been observed that thousand so people from all around the globe are dying because of smoking habits per day. It leads to various chronic diseases like lung caner, asthma, heart attack, mouth cancer, tuberculosis and various other stomach disorders. Hence it is very important to know about the bad effects of smoking and one should know how to quit smoking if he is addicted to it.

Studies have revealed that tobacco used in cigarettes contain nearly 4000 chemicals. Hundreds of these chemicals are toxic substances which may cause various health problems in our body. Vigorous and regular smoking has a direct effect on our immune system. It makes our immune system weak and our body becomes prone to various diseases. The nicotine present in the tobacco of cigarette reaches our brain in about 5 to 10 second after inhaling a puff of cigarette. Then it reaches to various other parts of our body. In breast feeding women it may reach to the breast milk causing a problem of the baby.

Though it is very difficult to quit smoking once you start smoking on a regular basis, but it is not impossible. A positive attitude and determination can help you avoid smoking. There are various home based methods helpful in quitting smoking. A regular consumption of honey can be very helpful in quitting smoking. Various enzymes, amino acids and vitamins present in honey are very effective in quitting smoking.

Apart from honey, licorice sticks are also helpful in quitting smoking. It can be used as a substitute for smoking because it has no health hazards associated with it. Hence chewing licorice sticks can be very helpful in quitting smoking. You can drink baking soda water after taking a meal. It will give a great help in quitting smoking.