How to Reap the Benefits of Tea

If caffeine is bad for your body then how can tea be healthy or beneficial in any way? For centuries people have sipped on a cup of tea to revitalize them. Tea in small proportions is not harmful; what is harmful is consuming this in large portions. So when you are heading for your pot of tea make sure that you brew just enough for one cup and not for you to binge on the entire day.

Black tea is beneficial to your body in more ways than you can imagine. Then you have the option of green tea and white tea. All teas are extracted from the same plant; it is the way that they are dried and prepared that helps to differentiate one from the other. Black tea is popularized by its dark color and strong flavor. It is good for your heart and helps to prevent heart attacks and coronary diseases. It is also good for your teeth and wards of dental infections due to its fluoride content. However, that does not hold true if you are adding sugar to your brew.

Green tea is remarkable and has an array of benefits to boast about. Consuming green tea helps to relieve stress and energizes you on a long and tiring day. It helps to get rid of any damage smoking does to your body and lungs. It is also a proven theory that the tea helps to fight all sorts of cancers and the more tea you drink the slimmer your chances are of contracting stomach, breast or prostate cancer.

White tea is the lightest of them all and the ones that has the best impact on your body. The tea helps to build your immunity and protects you against viruses and infections that are caused by harmful bacteria. It is naturally sweet in taste and is silvery in color.

Remember that tea has 1/3 the amount of caffeine that coffee contains and you must drink not more than 3 cups a day to benefit from the brew. Anything more puts you at risk of dehydration due to the huge caffeine intake.