How to Reap the Benefits of Water for Skin

Importance of water on our health is known to all of us. There are lots of benefits that our body generates from water. Skin care with water is one of those benefits. If water supply is not sufficient in our body, our skin appears dry and dull. Drinking more water allow the skin cells to get hydrated and expanded, which results in flawless and smooth appearance.

Apart from skin, water also tones muscles and make nails and hair look healthy. Water and skin go hand in hand. Drinking good amount of water improves digestive system immaculately. When one can digest food properly, his/her body toxins get flushed out and avoid chances of constipation. It also makes skin appear fresh, clear and younger.

The Quantity
You know the benefits of water for skin; the next obvious question is how much to drink? It is best to stick with 8X8 formula. This means you should take eight glasses and 8 ounces of water each. Your requirement of water might be more. You have to adjust that according to your need. Incase of pregnancy, breast feeding or just illness, your body needs more fluid consumption.

The Supplements
Apart from water, your skin also needs appropriate anti-oxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables fulfill this requirement and they also complement water-benefits. You can also make sure that your fluid intake is pure. Increase the consumption of juice, healthy beverages, milk, etc.

How to make sure that water consumption is sufficient
If your body lacks sufficient water content, you will get some indications. The easiest way to check the water content is taking a urine test on your own. See whether the color of urine is pale or it is clear. If it is pale, you need to increase water consumption.

If your water consumption level is not sufficient, it will show on your skin. Thus, to avoid dryness, lifeless appearance, dark circles, drink lots of water.