How to Reduce Cellulite From your Buttocks

Come summer and you want to show off your curves at the beach, but are disgusted at the sight of all the cellulite on your thighs and buttocks. That should not send you running for the hills nor does it require you to cover up during the summer months.

The easiest way to reduce the cellulite build up is by reducing weight. Fat deposits on your arms, thighs and buttocks cause these dimples to form on your body. Reducing 1 or 2 pounds weekly will help you have flawless skin in a few weeks.

Eating a healthy diet will boost your beauty internally as well as externally. Load up on proteins from fish and eggs and eliminate junk foods like chocolates, fried foods, excess sugars and caffeine. Aerated and fizzy drinks are an absolute ‘no-no’. Drink loads of water to keep your skin well hydrated. The water will help to flush out toxins as well as help you to stay away from colas and other sugar rich drinks.

Follow a strict exercise regime. Long brisk walk for 30 minutes daily to warm up followed by a cardio work out for the same amount of time will get your body toned for the summer. Do this daily for a month and notice the difference. Your body will feel lighter and leave you with refreshingly smooth skin.

Vitamin supplements are known to reduce cellulite. Your body needs a boost of Vitamin C so you can opt to increasing your intake of Orange juice if you are not too keen on supplements.

If you are keen on speeding up the process of eliminating the cellulite build up then you can consider laser surgery. They work in co-ordination with light energy to smooth out the skin dimples and eliminate the cellulite. This however is an expensive affair and you may need to go through more than one session. But beauty comes with a price tag and if you’ve got it then you may want to flaunt it.