How To Reduce Obesity

The rapid development in technologies has affected the way of our living considerably. Our life pattern has become very fast and as a result the people have included more towards fast foods. Apart from this in fast life pattern most of people face a lack of time to manage our day to day works. We try to avoid regular exercise and body maintenance. This has led to the problem of obesity.


Obesity has become a common problem in today’s society and the problem of obesity is the key factor to create a number of other health disorders in our body. Obesity is the problem of over weight, i.e., when a person’s weight is more than his or her normal weight. The extra fat deposited in our body leads to this problem. However, a little effort from the initial stage can avoid the problem of obesity.

Beneficial Tips To Reduce Obesity

Cells in our body increase in number and grow in size when extra fat starts depositing. The extra fat in our body leads to various complications such as osteoarthritis, increase in blood pressure, diabetes, stiffness in breathing, heartburn, increase in cholesterol level etc.

Some of these complications may be very serious and can lead even to death. Hence, obesity should be taken care very seriously. A regular exercise, low fat foods and avoiding fast foods can help in reducing the problem of obesity.


The major reasons for obesity are the genetic traits, eating habits, lack of regular exercise and consumption of certain type of medicines etc. Inactive life style, smoking, underlying illness, stress and in some cases insufficient sleep my also lead to the problem of obesity.


One of the best home remedies for reducing the problem of obesity is the taking lime juice and honey mixed with water. Fasting may also help in reducing obesity. Taking a spoonful of trifala, before going to bed in the night and while rising in the morning with water, is very helpful in reducing obesity. If you eat ripe tomatoes for the breakfast in the morning on a regular basis, you can control your problem of obesity.

warm water with lemeon

Another home based remedy for obesity is taking jujube extract. Few leaves of jujube soaked in water should be left overnight and this water should be taken while rising from the bed in the morning.

jujube leaves

You will find a great result of this and the problem of obesity will reduce soon. If you are facing the problem of obesity, finger millet is the right food for you, this will help you reducing and controlling the obesity problem. However, it is advisable that you should not escape any meal and should take meal on a regular basis and in time.