How to Reduce Portions to Gain Lesser Weight

Everything seems to be getting bigger these days. Apartments are larger and so are cars and out plates seem to be following suit. The amount of food you have served to you on a platter at the restaurant could have you feeding an entire starving nation. Well, now I am exaggerating, but honestly, the portions are getting larger than what is healthy for a meal.

The trick to shedding pounds by still eating your favorite foods is to eating smaller portions and healthier preparations of your favorite foods. You need to downsize your portions by 40 percent to get the maximum out of your meal. This helps you to enjoy the food and yet not pack on the pounds.

If you have servings of potatoes ask for them to be in the mashed form or baked rather than fried. This helps to reduce the intake of oil and still lets you indulge in the spuds.

If you are eating fish then you may feel free to indulge as much as you like; however you need to watch cautiously for chicken preparations. Ask for the chicken to be cooked without the skin so as to avoid excess fats. If that is not possible then avoid eating the skin.

When you are cooking at home, consciously cook smaller portions to avoid serving and eating larger portions. Be wise with the preparation. Use oil sparingly. Olive oil is the best oil for food preparations as it requires you to use very small amounts of oil.

When you are cooking red meats like bacon and hams, cook the meats in their own oils rather than adding excess oils to the preparation. The fats in the meats will help to cook the meat naturally and you stand to gain fewer calories and still get to indulge.

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