How to Reduce Stress by Stretching and Breathing

One of the best ways to manage stress is to exercise daily. To get started one can do simple things like going for a walk everyday early in the morning. Activities such as housecleaning, gardening or watering the plants are also great stress busters. Stretching and breathing exercises are a great and one of the most effective way of dealing and coping with stress. Breathing exercises are also simple and take just a few minutes hence they can be done at work as well right in front of your computer. Deep breathing exercises are one of the best ways to lower stress.

This exercise for example must be done slowly and you must concentrate on the air that you are breathing in and exhaling. Breathe in deeply filling up your stomach with as much air as possible. Then take in some more air to fill up the upper part of your chest. Hold this for five counts and then exhale slowly emptying the upper part of your chest first. Then slowly push out all the air from your stomach and feel your abdomen tighten. Once this cycle is over relax for 5 counts and then follow the same cycle again.

To start off you should repeat this exercise in sets of ten. This is one of the simplest exercises and has great results. Following this exercise you could do a few stretching exercises without getting up from your seat. Interlock the fingers and push the palms away from you while sitting upright. Flex the arms and relax. Repeat the same cycle 10 times. Once done let the arms rest on your thigh. Now with your eyes open roll your neck from left to right in a circular motion. Begin by looking straight ahead and then with a fixed gaze move the head to the left looking at your shoulder, then as far back as possible and then look at the right shoulder and come back to your original position. Repeat this again for a few times.

Lastly remember to exercise your wrists by rolling those inwards first and then outward. Another great way to tackle stress is to take up yoga or Tai Chi. Both of them combine meditation as well as exercise harmoniously which does wonders both for your physical as well as mental health. Of course you would need to learn them first but rest assured the effort is well worth it.