How to Reduce the Amount of Bad Cholesterol in your Body to be Healthy

Cholesterol is basically a buildup of fat deposits in you veins which at some point or the other could lead to heart diseases. Cholesterol however is of two types known as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. If your blood has been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels then what you need to focus on is how to cut down on the bad cholesterol. Now this is not an easy task because you might have ended up in this situation primarily due to your unhealthy eating habits.

Your love for high fat foods has now become a life threatening issue and you have to make a decision to give it up in order to stay healthy. This may seem like something that is impossible however with a few simple changes in your lifestyle you would be able to control your cholesterol levels and probably not have to give up too many things to achieve this as well.

Fish besides being tasty is great to help you reduce your cholesterol levels. Fish is high in protein and rich in omega three fatty acids which helps reduce the risk of clots developing in the blood. Fish like salmon, trout, mackerels, sardines, herring and tuna are known to have the highest amount of omega three fatty acids as compared to others. Fish should be cooked in olive oil which is high in unsaturated fats which is easier for the body to break down. The olive oil helps control bad cholesterol and generate higher amount of antioxidants. Also remember to use non-stick vessels for cooking purposes as they help cut down on the amount of oil that you require to cook your food. Make sure that you incorporate fish into your diet and you should have it twice or thrice a week.

Oatmeal and oats also helps regulate the cholesterol levels in the blood and almost immediately reduces the risks of heart attacks and heart related diseases. It also has a lot of fiber which helps control fat buildup. Nutrition researches have recommended that you should reduce your intake of fats and have foods rich in fiber every day in order to stay healthy. Vegetables should be a part of your daily meals apart from whole grain and whole grain products like rice and wheat pasta. Avoid refined grain products like white bread instead have brown bread or whole grain bread.