How To Reduce The Chances Of Ankle Injury

Some parts of our body are at higher risk of getting injured than the other. Ankle is an example of such parts. Bones and muscles of the ankle often get ligament sprains. During our daily activity a sudden turning of foot results in ankle injury. This is because a high pressure is generated due to outward turning of the food and the ligaments around ankle occurs and this lead to a damage of the ankle. A ligament consists of many strands of tissues which are clustered together.

Any damage to the ligament makes the ankle unstable and painful. Depending upon the type of tear, the pain due to ankle injury can be mild or severe. Apart from pain, the other symptom of ankle injury is swelling of ankle. The major ankle pain types are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tendonitis. Excessive running, jumping or arthritis can cause. The plantar fasciitis is cased by continuous jumping, running or other hard physical activities. Sometime arthritis patients also experience this problem. Taking rest is the best way to reduce the ankle pain.

Invasive surgery is very common in case of ankle injury. However fasciotomy is a very effective alternative this surgery. In this treatment you are able to wear shoes after 3 to 4 days of the surgery. Applying ice to the affected area is one of the best home based remedies. If the symptoms are severe you should consult a doctor who after diagnosis can recommend an X-ray of the ankle.

In some cases surgery is required for repairing the tendons around the ankle joints. As the damage to ligaments leads to the instability of ankle, the ankle ligament should be healed properly or it will result in twisting of foot while walking. Mild exercises under supervision of some expert can be helpful.

Heel spur are caused by hard physical activities. Sometime overweight can also be a reason for the heel spur. Therefore, obesity can also be a problem of heel spur. A regular exercise can reduce the risk of getting ankle injury and the chances of re-injury as prevention is better than cure. This will make the affected areas stronger. Other methods in practice are the acupuncture, ultrasound, massage etc.

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