How To Reduce The Length Of A Menstrual Period

I do not know a single woman who has not cursed or sworn during her period. As a teenager, I wondered about the necessity of this bloody mess and hoped that someday science would come up with a way to get rid of it completely and yet ensure that we had healthy reproductive systems.

If I were given an option to shorten the length of a period or to decrease the flow during heavy days I would gladly accept. I have stumbled upon some clinically proven days to do just that.

Birth control pills are extremely effective in shortening a period. You must talk to your doctor before you begin taking the pill as it may lead to complications. If the doctor does give you permission to use the pill then you must listen to the instructions carefully as over dose can lead to fatal injuries in your reproductive system.

You must set a time of the day when you take the pill and do so every day at the same time. Keep a timer if you need to. Often in the need to hurry up a period you may miss a dose and put yourself at higher risk of getting pregnant if you are sexually active. If you are taking pills to lower your estrogen levels rather than taking birth control, pills then you must start the pills on the first Sunday following the start of the period even if you are still bleeding.

If you are taking oral contraceptives then you must start taking them from the first day of your period to reduce the duration of the period. One must remember that a normal period lasts from 3 to 5 days and the least you can reduce it is to 2 to 3 days. Attempting to shorten it any further puts you at risk of missing a period and damaging your reproductive system.