How to Reduce the Pain Caused by Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is very painful as one can imagine and gets worse when the infected tries to eat or swallow food or drink. However there are a few pain management techniques which one could follow to help relieve the pain. The most popular throat cancer pain management techniques range from homemade remedies to expensive medication therapies. Some symptoms associated with throat cancer would be difficulty swallowing as mentioned earlier, soreness and burning in the throat and gastrointestinal discomfort. Throat cancer treatments like chemotherapy and surgery are very painful and can cause sores in the throat.

When consuming any food make sure that it is not too hot and neither too cold, the food that you have should be at room temperature. Avoid eating foods that are difficult to chew and swallow instead opt for softer foods liked mashed potatoes, bananas and other foods that are easy to swallow.

If the pain is very severe then you should consult your doctor for appropriate medication. Ask for opiod pain medications like oxycodone and methadone for severe throat pain as the opiods act on the nervous system and prevent the neurons from transmitting the pain messages to the brain. Since food is difficult to swallow it is recommended to try a balanced liquid diet. This again needs to be at room temperature. Soups are wholesome and would provided you with energy if you are also under going heavy medication however precaution should be taken to ensure that the soups are not spicy.

Drink plenty of water as this helps keep the body hydrated. This would also prevent sores caused n the throat or mouth due to the cancer or its treatment do not get worse. Also avoid any acidic food and pungent food. Stay away from citrus fruits like limes , lemons etc and avoid tomatoes, pickles and peppers in your food. This cause a great deal of pain and you must stay away from them.