How To Reduce The Problem Of Constipation

What sort of treatment can reduce constipation?Most of the people these days are suffering from the problem of constipation. The best remedy for treating this problem is to avoid junk and fiber-less food.


Apart from this you can re-schedule your diet as the below procedure and experience better results.Add the intake of good amount of water to your daily schedule. As liquids help to alleviate constipation, one can have fruit juices also.

Tips To Reduce The Problem Of Constipation

Have a lot of fiber in your food. Avoid food with low fiber content like ice cream, cheese, meat etc. one can have beans, whole grains, fresh fruits like guava, oranges, sprouts, cabbage, carrots and green vegetables etc.


Eat papaya as much as you can. Papaya breaks the hardened material inside the body and helps in flushing out the waste.Exercise regularly. Physical activities play a great role in fitness of a body and its digestive system.Eating, eating and eating cannot make anyone healthy. One has to exercise so that the food gets digested which can easily reduce constipation.


Have hot milk at night before going to sleep. You can add good amount of sugar to it as well.Drink Luke warm water early in the morning, empty stomach.