How To Reduce Your Supply Of Breast Milk

Many women lactate for over a year after their child is born. While most mothers nurse for as long as they have the supply, it is not a taboo to start your child on other forms of milk.

In some cases Mother nature takes over the task of reducing your supply, yet there are cases where you need to physically need to take control of the situation.

Your breast are full of milk and chances are that you child may not need as much as you have to offer. In this case you must physically pump the milk out and throw it out. Open the tap and let it out into running water.

However the trick is not to pump all of it, you must pump smaller amounts that there is in order to let your brain receive signals that the child does not need as much as it is supplying. Do this regularly and you will see that the amount of milk being produced reduces drastically within a few days.

Place cabbage leaves on your breasts and keep them there until they wilt. Replace them and continue to do so till you are all dried up of your milk production.

Avoid nipple touching during your sessions of intimacy. It will arouse the breasts and the supply will begin to flow once more.

Drink herbal tea with sage in it. It helps to speed up the process of drying up the breast milk.

You may be tempted to not drink water thinking that lack of hydration will help dry up the supply but on the contrary it works the other way around. The more water you drink the faster you will be able to stop the supply.

Start eating red meats and spicy foods. This will automatically stop the production. Reducing your intake of dairy will work in your favor.

  • there are a lot of studies show that breast milk is very important to a child, i would not recommend the process.