How To Rehydrate Your System After A Heat Stroke


3 Ways To Rehydrate Your System After A Heat Stroke

When your body is exposed to intense heat it is unable to cool down and looses hydration in the process. This is that main reason for a heat stroke. When this happens you must replenish your system immediately as the stroke could be fatal and even lead to death.

If the person shows signs of being extremely weak clubbed with fever and palpitations then you must make sure that you call a doctor immediately. You must take note to see if the person is sweating as that will be one of the first questions that the emergency personnel will ask you.

cube of ice

If the person is showing signs of dehydration without fever then you need not panic, you can calm the person at home. Start with providing the person with fluids, it will make the person vomit; but that’s a good sign. After the person has thrown up the initial fluids; you must give them a sport drink that is high in electrolyte. You must make sure that the person has small sips as opposed to gulping the fluids as it may lead to suffocation and choking. Placing a cube of ice in the person’s mouth will also help; you can also offer them ice cream.

After you have offered the person a drink and have calmed them down the next task is to physically make sure that the body is cooling down. To ensure this is done you must remove any extra layers of clothing that a person is wearing. Ensure that the person is not wearing any tight fitting garments and loosen accessories like belts, chains and remove all hair accessories.

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Soak a towel is cold water and place it on the person’s neck and head. This will help to cool the body temperature quickly. However, you must make sure that the person does not feel cold. If this happens then he will begin to shiver and the shivers will trap the heat in the body.

You can also try and spray the person with cool water. Use a spray bottle or a garden sprinkler to allow water to go on the person’s body. This will ensure that the body temperature cools down naturally.

Soak a towel