How to Relieve Constipation in Children

Today we live a fast paced life, where we do almost everything on the go. The same can be said about our eating habits. It is difficult to count the number of times that we sit down to a meal at home. Eating at restaurants has become more of a routine that an outing and the ones that tend to suffer the most are the children. They need to eat plenty of fiber, fruits and vegetables and they need to drink plenty of healthy liquids. We tend to forget most of these requirements. Lack of these foods leads to constipation, nausea and lethargy.

If your child has a problem with having a bowel movement, has hard bowels or is struggling to pass a stool then you need not panic. There are a few remedies that can help you out in your plight. If the child suffers from chronic constipation then it can put him of going to the toilet completely, this can be dangerous as well. If he has diarrhea after the constipation it does not mark the end of the latter.

What to do in the case of constipation?

Make sure that the child drinks plenty of fluids. Water is the best, though children tend to be fussy about drinking too much water. In this case you may offer the child a fresh fruit juice.

Avoid giving the child foods that are high in fats and sugars. These are harmful to the overall health and they do nothing to improve your child’s bowel movements.

If the child is in pain then place a hot water bottle on the child’s stomach. This helps to ease the discomfort during the passing of the stool. Also the heat from the hot water helps to soften the stools and fasten the elimination.

Make the child drink a glass of warm water with a hint of honey. After that the child must be made to exercise, either by walking or doing any physical activity. The warm water clubbed with the strain on the abdomen will help to eliminate the waste from the body immediately.