How to Relieve Itching Caused by Eczema Rashes

With the summer heat beating down on our heads this season brings along with it its own share of medical problems, illnesses and allergies. The most common among them being eczema. Eczema is a skin disease which could be caused due to dry skin, dust, dirt or other reasons. Eczema is caused due to a lot of moisture from the skin being absorbed by the environment leaving your skin dry and lifeless. If you do notice that your skin has gone dry then there are a few things that you can follow to help reduce the itchiness caused due to eczema.

Avoid using regular soaps most of them contain allergens which will aggravate the skin further. Instead use a cleanser which is oatmeal based to wash your body. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help reduce the itchy feeling by moisturizing the skin. Use moisturizers which are aloe based as they would help to keep the skin moisturized and less itchy skin would break out. Apply a moisturizer at least twice a day especially after having a bath.

Avoid eating shell fish such as crabs, prawns, oysters etc as these tend to aggravate eczema. Visit a skin doctor to find out what foods you may be allergic to. Avoid having too much of sugar instead consume a lot of vegetables. Fruits can also be had, however be cautious not to overdo it on the fruits as they contain fructose which is sugar. In case you have continuous eczema problem try and get checked for diabetes as well. Drink a lot of water and avoid aerated soft drinks, also exercise regularly. Take short but more frequent baths and don’t forget to moisturize after a bath. In case the itching is unbearable you could try using a prescriptive steroid based cream which you can obtain after visiting a dermatologist.